Video Marketing For Contractors

Utilizing video is one of the fastest ways to grow your brand online. Our video marketing service not only films and edits videos for you, we'll train you (and your team) so you can continue to produce videos that convert skeptical prospects into lifelong customers.

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Videos Shot for Contractors

Video Marketing

For Contractors Dedicated To Building Greater Trust With Prospects
$ 18k Includes Travel
  • CGN Flies Out To Your Location
  • Videos Filmed & Edited
  • Training On Filming & Editing
  • Training On Leveraging Videos

*Please note: We are only taking on “X number” of new clients per month. 

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Grow your Brand with Video

82% of total internet traffic in 2022 is video consumption. So if you're not currently using video marketing as part of your contracting company's marketing strategy, you're at risk for falling behind. Video is one of the fastest ways to add transparency and brand trust to your company.

To put it bluntly, refusing to do video is no longer an option for your business. Clients (and Google) are almost expecting you to have it at this point.

Video can help immensely with your website’s SEO because it creates more engagement for the prospect! Better engagement means better overall website experience, which Google loves.

Video will not only let you show of your work, it will show off your crew! Customers will already feel comfortable with your team members working in their home because they already trust them. This gives you a huge leg up on your competition.

If you're looking to generate higher quality leads with prospects who actively want to work with you, CGN can help by producing videos for you while training you to do it for yourself!

Jumping into video marketing can be difficult at first since video is naturally uncomfortable for most people. Instead of “winging it” with your video marketing efforts, go with a proven strategy that works!

Video production + training for your contracting company

We've found that the two major hurdles contracting companies have to overcome with video are feeling comfortable getting started and then continuing to produce videos once they begin. Fortunately, our video marketing service solves both of those problems.

We travel to your location to film with you and your team. While filming, we'll actively train everyone how to film and interview those being filmed so you're not having to teach your team how to do it. We'll also help show you how to edit your footage in the easiest possible way so you feel comfortable (and motivated) continuing to produce your own videos.

Although you will know how to edit your own footage, our CGN media team will edit the footage and send you the final versions of it. In other words, we're giving you the fish while ensuring you know how to continue to fish!

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"I can't begin to describe how amazing it feels to get on a sales call with a prospect and hear them say 'I have seen a lot of your videos already.' My goal is for you to experience those magic words for yourself!"

Logan Shinholser

Owner | Contractor Growth Network

Videos We'll Produce For You

Our Process

Our Unique Story

FAQ Videos

Employee Introductions

Project Walkthrough

Client Testimonial

Our Process

We first started producing video for Premier Ponds back in 2014. Since then, we’ve learned a ton about not only what works with video, but how to help contracting companies execute on video. This process is made specifically for companies that understand video is important but historically have not prioritized it.

Your Business Objectives

Let's talk about how you want to use video in your contracting company. While we have a proven set of videos that work, we'd love to hear how you're hoping we can help.

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Shot List Creation

We'll create and review a shot list of the footage we need to capture together. This is done in advance because there will be some easy footage we'll need for you to capture prior to our arrival.

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Filming & Training On Location

We will travel to your location with a CGN videographer to spend the day with you and your team. We'll be filming, editing, and training with you!

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Editing & Delivery Of Video

CGN's media team will edit and send your videos to you after we return from the trip. And just like that, you now have a new secret weapon to build trust with prospects very quickly!

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Ready to Build more trust with prospects than ever before?

Let's talk about if we can help your business with video!

Contractor Growth Network is a professional marketing agency that specializes in creating results-driven campaigns. We are excited to work with you on your next project! Fill out our contact form or call us at (980) 449-4384 today so we can help you take your company to the next level.

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Get to the top of Google and be on top of your game

Generate consistent revenue with better marketing

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