SEO Case Study: How We Sent 40,000 People to This Pond Website in One Month

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SEO Case Study:

Premier Ponds is an ecosystem pond company that serves Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia. Steve Shinholser founded the company in 2001. In 2020 Steve sold Premier Ponds to two of his best employees (Andrew & Mike) for a multi-million dollar sum.

Contractor Growth Network redesigned the Premier Ponds website in 2015 and began the creation of SEO content in 2016 to increase organic traffic and inbound lead generation.

Project Outcomes Snapshot

Premier Ponds Backstory

From 2001-2011 the entire marketing strategy for Premier Ponds was the Yellow Pages. Over those ten years, the impact of the Yellow Pages gradually declined while the need to invest in internet marketing grew. 

In 2011, Steve Shinholser decided to rip off the bandaid and make internet marketing the core of Premier Ponds’ growth strategy. 

Steve tried out several different digital marketing companies, but no matter which online marketing or website company Steve used, none produced the results he wanted. 

These companies used generic strategies and did not adapt their tactics to his industry.

The digital marketing agencies that Steve worked with did not:

  1. Understand the pond business
  2. Work to create a pond industry-specific strategy

The consequence was ineffective marketing which frustrated Steve to no end.

Steve knew he ran a strong business, and his clients loved working with Premier Ponds. 

What Steve needed was a marketing company that could help articulate his message and differentiate him from his competitors.

Goals & Strategy

Tired of mediocre results, Steve hired Contractor Growth Network in 2015 to take over his digital marketing efforts because of our knowledge of the pond industry. 

Contractor Growth Network worked with a team of developers to redesign the Premier Ponds Website to focus on what made Premier Ponds special.

Here’s what was unique about Premier Ponds:

  • They provided a great experience at customer’s homes
  • They were easy to work with because they kept services simple
  • They had robust recurring revenue from their maintenance service

The new website highlighted these two differentiating factors and promoted the pond maintenance service to help grow recurring revenue for the company.

Once the development team finished the new website, Contractor Growth Network created a custom content marketing strategy tailored to Premier Ponds and the pond industry. 

CGN worked with Premier Ponds to create video content and topical blogs to drive organic traffic to the site.


The updated Premier Ponds website dramatically improved the visibility of Premier Ponds. Before the website update, Premier Ponds had almost no organic traffic and limited inbound lead generation. 

After the website update, Premier Ponds had, on average:

  • ~2200 Monthly Users
  • ~3800 Monthly Sessions
  • ~19 Inbound Leads

With the new website starting to produce results, Contractor Growth Network began creating new content for the site to increase total traffic numbers.

To accomplish this goal we: 

  • Wrote 125 topical blogs to educate prospects and increase organic traffic
  • Created Over 60 pieces of video content to highlight Premier Ponds’ expertise
  • Optimized all blogs for on-page SEO to improve visibility in search results
  • Added Calls To Action (CTA) on pages with purchase intent keywords to increase lead generation

Project Outcomes

Creating content for caused incredible organic traffic growth for the site. 

Over the course of the project, we have increased organic traffic to by more than 1,300% and inbound lead generation by 576%. In August of 2022, had over 40,000 users. Monthly Traffic & Lead Generation

Premier Ponds Today

One of Steve’s concerns with the business was that he would put years of work into it, and then it would be worth very little when he was ready to sell it.

But Steve made the right choice in 2015. 

By investing in inbound marketing systems and brand recognition, Steve sold Premier Ponds for a multi-million dollar sum to his two top crew members in 2020 (who happily continued working with CGN). is now one of the most trafficked pond websites in the world.

Eager to learn how content marketing and SEO can help your business grow? Schedule a free consultation with CGN today!

Table of Contents

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