SEO Case Study: How We Grew This Painting Website’s Traffic By 13,278%

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SEO Case Study:

Tribble Painting Company is a residential and commercial painting company in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Tribble Painting was established in 1992 by Todd Tribble, an expert painter with over 30 years of experience.

Contractor Growth Network redesigned the Tribble Painting website and began the creation of SEO content in 2019 with the objective of increasing traffic and organic lead generation.

Project Outcomes Snapshot

Tribble Painting Company Backstory

Tribble Painting had been in business for 20+ years and was a well-known name around Ann Arbor. Todd Tribble’s painting company was doing well, but he had a problem.

Tribble Painting was practically invisible online.

Todd discovered the issue one morning when he was curious about how easy it was for prospects to find his company online. He opened his internet browser and searched for Ann Arbor’s painting companies.

On page one of Google, he found a new painting company that he had never even heard of before, and they were just up the street from him.

Although this company had only been open a few months and he’d been around for decades, they were the first search result on Google. His company was below theirs! He tried out multiple search terms, like “painters near me,” with the same result. 

Todd was frustrated and wondered why this brand-new company was showing up higher than him on Google.

After looking into his new competitor, Todd noticed a few things:

  1. Their website was better looking than his.  
  2. They had better (and more) reviews than he did.
  3. They were easier to find online.

Todd realized that if someone in Ann Arbor looked online for a painter, they would be more likely to find and choose his competitor. Todd decided it was time to invest in his website and online marketing.

Goals & Strategy

Todd hired Contractor Growth Network in 2019 to redesign his website and to grow Tribble Painting’s visibility online and organic traffic.

We set out to resolve two key issues.

1) did not show the expertise and experience of the company. 

At the start of the project, did not demonstrate that the company was:

  • Well-established around Ann Arbor 
  • Run by an expert painter with over 34 years of experience
  • Provided a great customer experience
  • Easy to work with 

2) Tribble painting had a low page count, confusing design, almost no content, and was not using SEO best practices.

At the start of the project, had:

  • Fewer than 20 monthly visitors
  • Less than 10 organic leads per month

CGN’s objective was to rebuild to highlight the expertise of Tribble Painting and create SEO-optimized content to drive organic traffic to the site.


The solution to Tribble Painting’s problems was fairly straightforward; the site needed a bit of a facelift, some technical improvements, and a lot more content. 

We revamped the Tribble Painting website, so it demonstrated all of the great qualities of Tribble Painting and highlighted the expertise of the Tribble Painting team while increasing the total page count.

To accomplish this goal we:

  • Added “about us” pages to tell the Tribble Painting story and humanize the brand
  • Added “process” pages to give potential customers an inside look at the Tribble Painting experience
  • Added “pricing” pages to increase transparency and trust with users
  • Added a “project gallery” page to highlight Tribble Painting’s best work

Then we produced blogs and video content that educated clients to increase organic traffic. We also updated the website’s design to make it easy to use and increase conversion rates.

To accomplish this goal, we:

  • Updated website navigation, internal linking, and design to make information easy to access
  • Created 80+ topical blogs to demonstrate the expertise of Tribble Painting (and make him the local painting authority)
  • Created 10 topical videos to educate prospective clients on Tribble Painting’s company and service offerings
  • Optimized all pages for SEO to ensure they would perform well in Google search
  • Improved page load speeds and implemented Structured Data Markup
  • Added Calls To Action (CTA) to all pages to increase conversion rate across the site

Project Outcomes

After implementing these changes, Tribble Painting went from being almost invisible online to dominating the SERP and generating hundreds of leads each month.

Throughout the project, we increased organic traffic to by more than 13,000% and organic lead generation by over 580%. Monthly Traffic & Lead Generation

Tribble Painting Today

By investing in his website, blog, and video content creation, Todd built up the Tribble Painting brand and created a high-quality lead-generating machine for his company.

Besides being the in-demand painting company for Ann Arbor, the website and content have helped with lead management.

Instead of letting leads slip through the cracks, which had been a problem in the past, the website’s contact form allows for better organization of the leads. 

Lastly, Todd’s team sends the video and blog content to prospective clients to educate them if they’re not quite ready to move forward or get multiple quotes.

Tribble Painting is now much more selective with the jobs they take and have increased its prices due to the surge in demand.

The increase in revenue and consistent lead generation has allowed Todd to take more time away from the business, including traveling with family during spring (the busiest time of year)!

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Table of Contents

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