SEO Case Study: How We Increased Traffic to This Remodeling Website by 369% in 2022

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SEO Case Study:

Frei Remodeling & Construction is a home renovation contractor in Tucson, Arizona, run by Joseph Frei. This family business was founded in 1962 and has served southern Arizona for over 60 years.

Joe Frei hired Contractor Growth Network (CGN) in 2019 to redesign the Frei Remodeling & Construction Website. In June 2020, CGN began creating SEO-optimized content to drive traffic to the new website. 

Project Outcomes Snapshot

Frei Remodeling & Construction Backstory

In 2018, Joe wanted to take his company and branding to the next level. Joe decided it was time to invest in his digital visibility, so he hired a website company. 

The website they built for him was not up to his standards. He immediately felt frustrated with the website company and with himself. 

The website he purchased:

  • Did not articulate Frei Remodeling’s unique value to his clients
  • Didn’t evoke the emotions that convert visitors into leads

Joe wanted a better website than he had purchased, so he started looking for another website company. 

In 2019, Joe hired Contractor Growth Network to rebuild his website and take over his SEO

He hired CGN because he:

  • Had been following our content and felt comfortable with our overall strategy
  • Had seen the other websites we’ve built and knew we were able to evoke emotion and highlight the best aspects of his business

Goals & Strategy

Before working with Joe, CGN created a content strategy for his website and SEO to ensure we understood who his ideal clients were and what imagery and messaging would appeal to them.

During our discovery period, we learned a few critical things about Frei Remodeling:

  • Joe provided a great experience at his customer’s homes and kept communication open throughout the project.
  • Joe was easy to work with because he kept services simple and only took on the projects he knew he could complete.
  • Joe took the time to understand the context behind why a client was moving forward with their project, not just what the scope of work was. 

With these differentiating factors in mind, CGN set out to accomplish two goals. 

  1. Create a website to highlight these key elements of the business
  2. Drive traffic to the new website through content and organic search


Contractor Growth Network rebuilt the Frei Remodeling & Construction website to highlight the company’s unique qualities and prequalify potential leads.

To do this, we created in-depth “About” and “Process” pages that explain the differentiating qualities of the company and added “Pricing” pages for each service to educate potential clients before they contact the business.

Once the new website was complete, CGN began implementing our content strategy for Frei Remodeling.

CGN started publishing blog content on in June 2020. CGN created over 60 topical blogs to address the most common questions asked by potential clients. 

Project Outcomes

Creating content that was easy to read and helpful to consumers significantly impacted organic traffic numbers for 

At the start of the SEO project, had an average of 144 users per month, almost no search visibility, and minimal inbound leads coming in the door. 

In October 2022, saw 2338 users, 210K search impressions on Google, and dozens of inbound leads. 

Frei Remodeling & Construction Today

Over-reliance on digital ads makes your business dependent on the platform for leads. When you stop paying, leads stop coming in the door.

SEO allows you to build a lead generation system that you own.

By investing in his website, branding, and digital content Joe Frei has created a lead generation system that he owns, and it’s paying off.

By partnering with Contractor Growth Netw0rk, Joe Frie has increased his annual revenue to 1.4 million at a 50% gross profit margin, and he is still growing.

Build your Business With A Custom SEO Strategy from CGN

If you’re ready to break free from digital advertising platforms, Contractor Growth Network can help.

Call us at (980) 449-4384 or fill out our contact form to tell us more about your business and its needs.

Table of Contents

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