Identifying Pain Points and Needs of Your Target Audience

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The Importance of Identifying Pain Points

Your contracting business earns revenue by providing products and services to resolve customer problems. 

However, gaining new leads can be challenging if you don’t accurately identify customer pain points. 

Explore the following guide to content marketing for contractors to learn:

  • The basics of customer pain points
  • The primary categories of pain points
  • How to identify pain points
  • What a professional digital marketing company can do for you

What Is a Pain Point?

A pain point is a common problem or challenge that your target customers face during the buyer’s journey

These problems prevent them from committing to a particular product or brand or encourage them to look elsewhere. 

Customers can experience several types of pain points, including:

Monetary Concerns

Many customers are interested in contracting services like yours but get discouraged due to budget constraints. 

Customers may experience this problem at any point throughout the buyer’s journey. 

However, it typically occurs during the interest stage, where they compare contractors and prices.

Some prospects may even assume your services are too expensive due to prior experiences with other companies or misconceptions about your niche.

To resolve this pain point, you could create content emphasizing the monetary benefits of choosing your company. 

For example, imagine a customer needs a construction company to build an addition to their home. 

They may learn through research that their project could cost up to or more than $50,000. For the budget-conscious consumer, this price point may be intimidating.

Your company could solve this issue for the consumer and stand out from competitors in the construction industry with a blog discussing how to use financing to plan a renovation.

By resolving the monetary pain point, your target customer may advance further in their buyer’s journey with your company in mind.

Support Problems

Effective content marketing for contractors answers the questions potential clients have before they commit to a service. 

However, providing low-quality information or product support can result in prospects going to a competitor.

Ask yourself some critical questions like:

  • How can my business make researching my niche easier for potential customers?
  • Can my customer service department balance high-volume phone calls, emails, and direct messages?
  • Does my company provide accessible and honest communication for potential customers?
  • Can my potential customers easily find our contact information in search engine results?

Streamlining the buyer’s journey for your customers may encourage them to explore your content further and promote retention. 

It may also be worth investing in customer relationship management software (CRM) to support communication and track interactions between users and your content.

Procedural Setbacks

Wasting time can be as unproductive as wasting money. 

Your business should highlight how your services can save prospects time and improve their day-to-day experiences. 

One practical way to demonstrate this is by including data, infographics, or success stories in your content.

You can tailor this content to guide potential customers through the buyer’s journey with ease. 

How to Discover Pain Points

You won’t know which type of content to create if you don’t correctly identify your customers’ pain points. 

Digital marketing specialists recommend a few ways you can collect data:

1. Listen to Your Target Audience

Directly asking your prospects about the challenges they face is a practical way to discover common pain points. 

You can deploy this method through several mediums:

  • Ask potential customers face-to-face at networking events, in passing, or at your company’s main office.
  • Host an online webinar where potential customers can discuss their concerns about navigating your niche.
  • Include a comprehensive questionnaire in your email campaign. 
  • Conduct a follow-up call for potential clients who expressed interest in your company but did not commit.
  • Consult with specialists from companies that provide content marketing for contractors.

Speaking with potential clients benefits you in several ways. 

First, it allows you to identify patterns and pain points you can address in future content. 

Also, it shows prospects that you are receptive to their concerns and willing to accommodate them—increasing your chances of converting them into customers.

2. Explore Online Forums and Reviews

It’s worth exploring popular online forums like Quora or Reddit to see what people say about your niche. 

It may surprise you how much data you can collect from the complaints and advice people post on these platforms. 

Alternatively, you can look at the online reviews of your competitors to see what they are doing wrong. 

Dissatisfied customers often provide detailed testimonials about their experience and what turned them away from particular companies. 

This information enables you to create content that accurately demonstrates how your company stands out from others.

3. Monitor Social Media

Social media posts can tell you a lot about customer pain points. 

The benefit of using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin is that you can view these concerns in real-time. 

Social media also allows you to produce short-form content quickly and engage with prospects directly. 

Suppose you notice a pattern of pain points in a niche-specific social media group. 

You can direct them to your website, blog posts, or service pages for relevant solutions.

4. Consult Your Sales Reps

Your sales department can serve as a treasure trove of knowledge. 

They are the face of your company and tend to interact with customers directly. 

Collectively, these employees can help you identify pain points and prioritize them based on their professional experiences.

Leverage Customer Pain Points To Boost Your Marketing Campaigns

Managing your marketing campaigns can be time-intensive and confusing without expert guidance. 

If you don’t have the workforce or resources to complete these tasks on your own, reach out to a trustworthy company like Contractor Growth Network.

Our digital marketing consultants specialize in marketing for contractors, and we know the niche-specific pain points in your industry. 

We use this data to leverage customer concerns with high-quality web design and SEO

When choosing us, you can enjoy improved ranking in search results and more conversions.

Contact Contractor Growth Network in Charlotte, NC, today

Fill out our contact form or Call (980) 449-4384 to learn more about the benefits of content marketing for contractors.

Table of Contents

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