Guide to Digital Branding for Contractors and How It Can Help Your Business Succeed

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When you hear “digital branding,” you probably think of a logo or a website design.

In reality, digital branding goes much further than that.

Digital branding encompasses your brand’s image, reputation, and story within a digital space. Your brand sets you apart from the other contractors in your area and gives potential customers a reason to choose you amidst the competition.

Creating a successful digital branding strategy can be challenging, but it’s essential to your business’s success. Read on to learn our guide to digital branding for contractors, then contact our Contractor Growth Network for more information.

What Is Digital Branding?

Digital branding is a broad term for developing your company’s story and online presence. It combines digital marketing and internet branding to create a recognizable image and reputation that improves digital awareness, internet-based relationships, and overall sales.

Internet users are constantly bombarded with advertisements and offers as they browse the web. You want your contracting business to stand out amongst your competitors and the other brands that share your digital space. You also want your branding to give users a reason to choose your contracting business — and feel good about their decision.

Your digital brand begins with a brand story that gives your contracting business authenticity and identity. Then, it includes a distinguishable logo and brand messaging that suits your story.

How Is Digital Branding Different From Digital Marketing?

Digital branding is an essential process in a successful digital marketing strategy. However, branding is distinct from marketing as well.

Digital branding is a bit less intrusive than digital marketing. While digital marketing strives to convince users to hire your company directly, digital branding gives them the information they need to decide on their own.

Additionally, while digital marketing strategies often focus on a specific service or task, digital branding encompasses your company as a whole. It includes who you are, the values you stand behind the services you offer, and the benefits you can provide. And it influences what existing, and potential customers say about your company.

Combining digital branding with a larger digital marketing strategy can be highly beneficial in growing your contracting business.

Benefits of Digital Branding

Focusing your marketing efforts on digital branding can be highly beneficial. Here are a few reasons to prioritize digital branding:

Establishes Identity

Your digital branding gives your business an identity that can help prospective clients remember your company when they require your services.

For example, let’s say you own a plumbing business. Your customers probably do not require your services at any given time. Instead, they’ll only need you when their plumbing system malfunctions.

As a result, you want to create a memorable brand identity that your potential customers can keep in the back of their minds. Then, when they eventually need a plumber, they can recall your logo or brand story and hire you.

Your brand needs a solid identity to stay competitive with other business owners in the area. Establishing a digital branding strategy can help you develop and maintain this identity throughout your digital presence.

Distinguishes Your Contracting Business

Along with creating a memorable identity for your contracting business, digital branding helps distinguish your brand from your competitors.

Without a distinct story or brand message, your potential customers will not be able to separate your contracting business from your competitors in their minds.

As a result, when they need to hire a contractor like you, they’ll pick the first option they find or choose a contractor they’ve worked with in the past rather than hiring you.

Creates Credibility

Digital branding also establishes credibility for your contracting business. When you create a brand identity that customers can remember and relate to, they may see your business as more credible and reliable, allowing them to feel confident choosing you over other contractors in the area.

Streamlines Digital Communication

Digital branding also simplifies customers’ ability to communicate with your contracting business. When you enhance your digital presence, including your website and social media pages, you create an easy way for potential customers to reach out to you with questions or comments.

Digital branding breaks the communication barrier often present with phone calls and in-person communications, removing a potential blockade to growing your business.

How to Develop a Digital Brand Identity

Developing a digital brand identity involves first establishing the elements that make up your identity, then maintaining those elements long-term. Here are a few steps to help you develop your digital branding:

Create a Business Logo

Your branding should include an identifiable, high-quality logo representing your contracting business and helps users remember your name.

Your logo should:

  • Be straightforward and easily recognizable
  • Include suitable colors for your business
  • Be distinguishable and memorable
  • Look good on a range of marketing materials, including business cards, websites, social media platforms, and direct mail pieces

Tell a Brand Story

Your digital branding should include a brand story that helps customers relate to and connect with your contracting business.

Your brand story should include the events that led to your contracting business’s creation and how those events shape your mission and values today. This story will help customers remember your business and create an emotional connection that could drive sales.

Your brand story should include a conflict and the steps that helped you overcome it. For example, maybe you saw a lack of affordable HVAC contractors in your city and wanted to give residents a cheaper alternative.

Working with digital marketing experts can help you develop a compelling brand story.

Tailor your Brand Messaging

Once you establish a brand story and the values and missions surrounding your company, you must tailor your brand messaging to reflect these elements. Your social media posts, website content, and customer communications should align with your branding.

For instance, if your brand story includes a goal to provide affordable services for customers, your pricing should reflect this goal. Likewise, if your mission is to deliver fast turnarounds, you should take every step to meet this goal.

Altogether, digital branding is an essential aspect of digital marketing for contractors.

If you’re ready to start your digital branding journey, Contact Contractor Growth Network today or call us at 980-449-4384 to learn more.

Table of Contents

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