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A Brief Overview

Embarking on their first significant marketing venture, Devon Vought and Jorge Escobedo of Vought Construction partnered with Contractor Growth Network (CGN) to elevate their brand beyond referrals and word-of-mouth. Recognizing the need to compete in the digital age, they sought to transform their online presence to reflect the luxury, attention to detail, and unique homeowner experience that Vought Construction is known for.

Key Details:

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Service With CGN:

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Devon And Jorge's Marketing Goals

  • Enter the Digital Marketing Arena: Transition from solely relying on referrals to leveraging digital marketing for growth, reaching a wider audience of potential clients.
  • Reflect Company Values Online: Ensure the website accurately portrays Vought Construction’s dedication to luxury, custom home building, and meticulous attention to detail.
  • Highlight the Unique Vought Experience: Showcase the distinct experiences provided by Devon, Jorge, and Dean (their Project Superintendent), emphasizing their hands-on approach and commitment to client satisfaction.
  • Feature Their Exceptional Client Experience: Illustrate the company’s focus on the homeowner’s journey, including consistent communication, punctuality, special touches like housewarming parties, and a 5-year warranty.
  • Showcase High-End Projects: Utilize high-quality photos to display their work, emphasizing the luxury and custom nature of their projects to attract high-end clients.

The Challenge

Vought Construction’s initial digital footprint was minimal, with a basic site that barely scratched the surface of its capabilities and failed to engage potential clients. In contrast, their competitors’ more robust online presence was capturing the high-end projects Vought aimed for.

Website Implementation

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The Outcome

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Vought Construction’s new website is a beacon of luxury home building, perfectly reflecting their commitment to quality, detail, and the homeowner’s experience. This digital transformation elevates their brand in the competitive market and attracts high-caliber clients. Vought Construction is now positioned as the top choice for anyone looking to build their dream home with unmatched elegance and precision.

What Devon Says About The Services At CGN

“Working with CGN has been great from the start. We first met Logan and he was a hell of a salesman but in a really good way. He listened to what we wanted, got every bit of it, created a great presentation that hit on all of our wants and needs, and then was very reasonable with pricing. After signing we met with the rest of the team. They were very intentional and systemized which made me feel confident of their abilities to deliver. Aly, Kathy, Alden, and the rest of the team were in communication regularly, incorporated feedback, and delivered on everything we asked. I would highly recommend them for any marketing in your company. My intention in construction is to have a company that operates and has a team like The Contractor Growth Network.

— Devon Vought, Owner of Vought Construction

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