Propelling Urban Exteriors To Digital Prominence With A Remarkable 2,469% Growth In Clicks

Transforming An Exterior Remodeling Company Into A Digital Powerhouse

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A Brief Overview

Urban Exteriors, a leading exterior renovation company, achieved exceptional growth through a tailored SEO strategy, experiencing a 2,469% surge in clicks and a fivefold increase in net profit.

Their dynamic website educates potential clients on services, pricing transparency, and a proven process. Additionally, it showcases client testimonials, driving business growth, and establishing trust in the industry.

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Urban Exterior’s Goals

Urban Exteriors chose to work with CGN to tailor an SEO strategy that wasn’t just about technical jargon and algorithms. Our approach centered around a content-driven strategy designed to educate searchers about the nuances and intricacies of the exterior renovation industry. 

This educational approach positions Urban Exteriors to be industry experts and cater to potential clients’ informational needs. Sales would be easier once leads are educated and trust the brand.

The Challenge

Urban Exteriors was proud of its work, and rightly so. But in today’s world, showcasing that work online and ensuring potential clients see it can be difficult. Urban Exteriors faced this challenge: its online presence didn’t reflect its true caliber. Since they didn’t know how to best showcase their work, they were losing leads to their competitors.

Website Overview

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The Outcome

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Urban Exteriors’ journey from a local favorite to a digital success story is a testament to the power of a well-implemented SEO strategy. Their story is an inspiration for contracting companies looking to enhance their online presence, reach more potential customers, and create a pipeline that sends in a continuous stream of leads.

What Shane Says About The Services At CGN

"I think we made six or seven times our net profit from last year. We have more leads now since people are finding us on the Internet, so that's working out well."

— Shane Todt, Owner of Urban Exteriors

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Join us on a practical path to better online visibility, and let your business be the next success story like Urban Exteriors. SEO is more than just a plan; it's your tool to make a space where your business stands out online. Don’t just read about success; click, explore, and let’s write your digital success story together.

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