TruVine Renovations: Unveiling Their New Digital Home

Creating A Peaceful, Trusting Online Experience With A New Website

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A Brief Overview

Tired of hearing about homeowners’ frustrating experiences with contractors, Nick decided it was time for a change. He created TruVine Renovations with a simple, powerful goal: to be a contractor you can trust to do the right thing. Nick partnered with Contractor Growth Network to bring TruVine Renovations’ trustworthiness to the online world. Their goal was to create a digital space that feels just as peaceful, reliable, and beautifully crafted as the homes TruVine Renovations works on.

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Nick's Website Goals

Transcending Digital Boundaries: Transition from a non-performing website to a potent digital platform that reflects TruVine’s ethos and dedication to craftsmanship.

Visual Storytelling: Leverage high-quality imagery and a masonry-style gallery to showcase past projects, emphasizing the ‘show, don’t tell’ philosophy.

Cultivating Trust Online: Craft an online space that makes visitors feel immediately at peace and confident in TruVine Renovations’ ability to deliver on their promises.

The Challenge

TruVine Renovations navigated a tumultuous journey with its online presence before partnering with CGN. After hiring with two previous marketing companies left much to be desired, TruVine faced a significant setback: their most recent marketing partner took down their website, leaving them without an online footprint.

This move stripped them of their digital identity and potential clients. The challenge was not just about building a new website; it was about restoring trust in digital partnerships and reclaiming their space in the online world.

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The Outcome

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CGN recognized the urgency of TruVine Renovations’ situation and acted swiftly. Acknowledging the importance of an online presence, CGN developed a single-page website for TruVine as an immediate solution, while the comprehensive, multi-page site was in development.

Within days of launching the temporary site, TruVine received a lead through the contact form, a testament to CGN’s understanding of digital urgency and the effectiveness of its strategic approach. TruVine’s full website was launched, which encapsulates TruVine Renovations’ ethos and services.

What Nick Says About Working With CGN

"CGN exceeded my every expectation. They communicated with us in a timely manner, were clear on our responsibilities for getting them what they needed, and over delivered on their promise to make us a top tier website worth bragging about. Had more leads in 3 days with the new site than I did in entirety of my old one. If you’re tired of your local marketers who want you to “trust” they know what they’re doing, look to CGN for pure class, excellence, and expertise."

— Nick Sammons, Owner of TruVine Renovations

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