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The Journey Of Springwood Builders' Website Makeover

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A Brief Overview

In the realm of home construction and renovation, Springwood Builders stood out for their commitment to quality and precision. Yet, they faced challenges that many in the industry encounter: finding a marketing partner who not just promises but delivers. Peter Christensen’s search for a marketing ally led him to Contractor Growth Network (CGN), a company that prides itself on communication, reliability, and a deep understanding of the contractor’s world.

Key Details:

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Peter's Marketing Goals

  • Scale the Business: Secure larger projects like full remodels to elevate Springwood Builders’ market presence.
  • Attract Talent: Draw in and retain the right talent, which is essential for growth and exceptional project delivery.
  • Streamline Operations: Enhance operational efficiency to improve project delivery and customer satisfaction.
  • Prequalify Clients: Utilize the website to prequalify potential clients, ensuring projects are a perfect fit for both parties.

The Challenge

Springwood Builders faced significant challenges with their previous website, which needed help capturing their craftsmanship and brand. The site was cluttered with in-progress photos, failing to showcase their projects’ finished quality. Also, the generic, sales-focused copy didn’t resonate with clients or place them at the heart of Springwood Builders’ story. Additionally, the absence of professionally shot photos meant that the website couldn’t truly convey the attention to detail and high standards that are hallmarks of their work.

Website Overview

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The Outcome

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Springwood Builders’ website has been revamped to create a more professional and inviting online space. The addition of Service Location Pages (SLPs) ensures that potential clients can easily find Springwood Builders in their area, making it easier for them to start their construction or renovation projects.

What Peter Had To Say About His New Website

“This website has a very user-friendly and professional look to it. I really like it”

— Peter Christensen, Owner of Springwood Builders

Elevate Your Website & Elevate Your Business

Discover the difference a dedicated, contractor-focused marketing partner can make. Let Contractor Growth Network transform your online presence like we did for Springwood Builders. Contact us today to start your journey.

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