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A Brief Overview

Pinpoint Innovations is a beacon of trust and expertise in the Southern Maryland roofing industry. Pinpoint has undergone a remarkable digital transformation thanks to a strategic partnership with Contractor Growth Network. Our journey with Pinpoint involved crafting a dynamic website and producing compelling video content that echoes the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and transparency. This revitalization amplifies Pinpoint’s message and positions them as the go-to experts for insurance-funded roofing solutions, effectively addressing previous challenges and setting a new industry standard.

Key Details:

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Jon's Marketing Goals

Substantial Business Growth: Jon set an ambitious goal to grow Pinpoint Innovations by 67%. Understanding the power of a solid online presence, he focused on leveraging engaging video content and a dynamic website to attract and convert more clients.

Overcome Skepticism: He wanted to address and dismantle the skepticism surrounding the legitimacy of obtaining roof replacements through insurance. Jon sought to prove that his services were genuine and not a scam, clarifying the value and feasibility of his insurance claim assistance.

Build Trust & Showcase Authenticity: Jon aimed to use video content to build trust with potential clients by showcasing past clients’ actual experiences and his team’s professional demeanor. He intended to demonstrate Pinpoint Innovations’ services’ transparency, reliability, and effectiveness through these testimonials.

The Challenge

Jon faced skepticism head-on, committed to shifting perceptions and proving the integrity of his roofing solutions. Despite a strong social media presence, the misconception of his service being a scam hindered growth. Jon’s goal was clear: to dispel doubts and illuminate the straightforward, reliable process Pinpoint Innovations offers.

Website Overview

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The Outcome

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Together with Jon, we created a series of impactful videos and a revamped website that truly represents the essence of Pinpoint Innovations. The videos and the new website foster trust and visually articulate Jon’s clients’ success and satisfaction, making the case for Pinpoint’s unparalleled service.

What Jon Says About His Experience With CGN

I originally met the CGN team in Denver, CO for the Mile High Profit Summit. I knew then that they were the right crew to help me elevate my online brand. From GBP setup, to fiming video with our whole team, we have enjoyed the guidance and expertise that the CGN team has given to us. We are so stoked to show off our website and videos to the homeowners in Maryland.

—Jon Parsons, Owner Of Pinpoint Innovations

Inspired By Jon's Success Story With Pinpoint Innovations?

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