Palacios Construction: A New Website To Reflect Their New Brand

Strategic Design Meets Personal Storytelling

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A Brief Overview

When Christian Palacios decided to redefine his company’s brand, he chose Contractor Growth Network (CGN) as his partner to construct a digital presence to reflect its new identity accurately.

For Palacios Construction we crafted a digital home that showcases their expertise, highlights their Monterey heritage, and invites customers into the Palacios family.

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Christian's Website Goals

Christian’s goal was to unveil his rebranded company to the world—a digital platform showcasing his home remodeling expertise and paying homage to his family’s legacy and roots in Monterey. This vision was more than aesthetics; it was about connecting with homeowners looking to build their forever homes and put down their roots.

The Challenge

Starting from zero digital presence, Palacios Construction faced the monumental task of building brand awareness and unveiling its identity. CGN took this challenge head-on, crafting a strategy to introduce Palacios Construction as a fresh yet experienced, high-end player in the home remodeling scene.

Website Service

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The Outcome

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Palacios Construction’s partnership with CGN resulted in a striking online presence that embodies their brand. The new website is a portfolio of their exceptional work and a digital hub for potential clients.

What Christian Says About His New Website

"I love my new site so much! It portrays our brand and our mission perfectly."

—Christian Palacios, Owner Of Palacios Construction

Transform Your Brand With CGN

Inspired by Palacios Construction's journey? Imagine what Contractor Growth Network can do for your brand. Let's collaborate to build a website and marketing strategy that showcases your craftsmanship and tells your unique story. Reach out to CGN and lay the cornerstone for your digital legacy.

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