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A Brief Overview

Sebastian Sanchez of Greenwave Landscape Design Services embarked on a journey to redefine his brand, showcasing a broader range of high-end landscaping and outdoor living solutions beyond basic maintenance. His goal was to attract a more upscale clientele and accurately represent his company’s full spectrum of services.

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Sebastian's Marketing Goals

Elevating the Brand: Sebastian set out to update Greenwave’s brand from being seen as primarily a landscape maintenance company to a premier landscape design company. This shift aimed to better reflect their high-end design capabilities and project portfolio.

Targeting the Ideal Audience: With a focus on upscale projects, Sebastian aimed to attract his ideal, high-end clients. This involved demonstrating Greenwave’s proficiency in extensive hardscaping and creating sophisticated outdoor living spaces, highlighting their ability to handle ambitious and luxurious designs.

Showcasing Expertise with Video: Understanding the power of visual storytelling, Sebastian incorporated professional video content to elevate Greenwave’s image. These videos showcase the quality of their work and provide a platform for Sebastian to connect with potential clients personally.

Website Revamp: Sebastian emphasized the need for a website revamp to convey the breadth of Greenwave’s services accurately. The updated site now focuses on larger, more intricate projects, offering a clearer picture of what the company can achieve.

Optimizing Client Experience: A key goal for Sebastian was to simplify and streamline the client journey. This involved making the process from initial contact to project completion as efficient and user-friendly as possible, ensuring clients have a seamless and enjoyable experience.

The Challenge

Before embarking on its transformation journey, Greenwave Landscape Design Services’ online presence no longer captured the essence of the full scope of its capabilities. Their existing website showcased only a fraction of the services they now provide, with a general focus on Rhode Island rather than zeroing in on their primary service area in Rumford, RI. When Sebastian came to us looking for help with his video, he was working on transitioning his brand identity from a “lawn care” company to a “landscape design” company.

He went to school for graphic design and knew he had more to offer his clients and community than just lawn care. The portrayal of Greenwave as primarily a landscape maintenance company overshadowed their high-end landscape design and construction expertise. This mismatch in online representation meant they were reaching a broad audience but not effectively targeting or attracting the high-end clientele they aspired to serve.

Website Overview

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Video Overview

The Outcome

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Greenwave Landscape Design Services’ website now fully captures their wide array of services, appealing directly to their target audience of high-end local clients. We’ve emphasized their unique strengths and introduced engaging videos, making the site more vibrant and compelling. Sebastian can now send his prospects resources during the sales process, such as his project walkthrough videos. These videos allow him to showcase a similar project to what the client hopes to have done in their yard, which instills confidence in them. Additionally, he can confidently direct prospects to his website to learn more about his team, his process, and the mission of Greenwave Landscape and Design.

What Sebastian Says About CGN Services

“I would say our experience, at least for me personally, was almost like if I had a couple of buddies over, you know, we had a great time. You made this so natural and seamless that, I mean, didn't even seem like we were filming, at least for me.”

— Sebastian Sanchez, Owner Of Greenwave Landscape Design Services

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