Hear Joe's Transformation Story

From Challenge To Success: Joe Frei's Story

Experience firsthand the remarkable transformation of Joe Frei's business. His candid narrative delves into how CGN’s targeted approach reshaped Frei Remodeling from an overlooked entity into a dominant force in the local construction scene.

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Marketing Campaign Breakdown


Revolutionizing Web Presence

Joe Frei's initial challenge: an outdated website not reflecting his brand’s excellence. CGN's solution: a modern, client-centric website that not only aesthetically appealed but also functionally catered to the specific needs of his audience, leading to increased engagement and higher-quality leads.

Frei Homepage Shots

Mastering the SEO Game

Joe emphasized organic growth over paid ads, a vision CGN brought to fruition. Our focused SEO strategy propelled Frei Remodeling to the top of search results for key industry terms, significantly boosting visibility and client acquisition without the need for costly advertising.


The Art of Video Storytelling

Harnessing the power of visual storytelling, CGN crafted impactful video content for Frei Remodeling. Joe’s testimony highlights how these videos not only captured the essence of his brand but also deeply resonated with his clientele, enhancing trust and engagement.

Results and Growth

Measurable Success, Unmatched Growth

Revenue Growth, Lead Generation, Key Metrics

The proof is in the numbers. Joe's business, under CGN’s guidance, saw a dramatic revenue surge, with an annual doubling of profits. These infographics encapsulate the impressive growth trajectory and market dominance achieved through our collaborative efforts.

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