Arbor Works' Digital Leap: A Surge in Visibility Leads to 23% Revenue Growth

How SEO & Website Redesign Catapulted Arbor Works To New Heights

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A Brief Overview

Arbor Works, based in Massachusetts, has been a cornerstone of excellence, embodying professionalism, integrity, and unmatched service in the tree service industry. With a strong foundation in comprehensive tree removal and a commitment to safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, Arbor Works built a notable reputation offline. However, translating this success to the digital realm presented challenges and growth opportunities.

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Arbor Works' Goals

Arbor Works aimed to enhance their online presence to match their offline success, focusing on increasing visibility, attracting quality leads, raising revenue, and enlarging job sizes.

Partnering with Contractor Growth Network (CGN), they embarked on a strategy that included redesigning their website to reflect their brand, optimizing for better SEO rankings, and launching a content marketing campaign to affirm their industry leadership. This strategic move was designed to seamlessly bridge the gap between their established offline reputation and their online potential.

The Challenge

Arbor Works faced several challenges with its website that hindered its digital success. The site needed more online visibility, making it hard for potential clients to find their services.

The website did not accurately reflect Arbor Works’ professional image or effectively showcase their comprehensive tree care services. Additionally, there was a significant need for SEO optimization to improve search rankings and a lack of high-quality content to establish Arbor Works as an industry leader. These challenges necessitated a strategic overhaul to align Arbor Works’ online presence with its esteemed offline reputation.

Website Redesign

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1 Month SEO Impressions And Clicks Performance

Digital Marketing Strategy for Arbor Works

The Outcome

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The partnership between Arbor Works and CGN led to remarkable results: User engagement skyrocketed by 1300%, as shown by increased clicks. A staggering 2507.53% increase in search engine impressions, significantly boosting online visibility. Arbor Works revenue grew from $1.3 million in 2022 to $1.6 million in 2023, a 23% increase in one year. The average project size grew considerably, reflecting acquiring more valuable projects and a more selective job acceptance strategy. Arbor Works now enjoys a robust online presence, continuing to attract quality leads, secure valuable projects, and maintain industry leadership. Our ongoing partnership aims at sustaining and expanding this growth.

Client Testimonial

"The team at CGN is incredible. From the first call I had with them, to multiple zoom meetings, proposals and exploration of how they could help our company grow was amazing. They were able to capture our business, our goals and our vision so well and have done an incredible job delivering results. They are extremely helpful, organized and always on top of any task that is thrown their way. We have increased our leads, further solidified our brand and redeveloped our website with them. Logan, Aly, Alden and Kathy nailed our vision and exceeded our expectations."

— Eric Swennes, Owner Of Arbor Works

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