Content Marketing For Contractors: Balancing Evergreen and Timely Content

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Content Marketing for Contractors: Evergreen Content and Timely Content

As a contractor, have you ever wondered how to keep your content fresh and relevant for your target audience? 

Are you looking for ways to maintain a steady stream of content that keeps your business at the forefront of your customer’s minds? 

If so, then this blog post is just the right fit for you.

We’ll delve into content marketing for contractors, focusing on how to create a balance between evergreen content and timely content. 

By the end of this post, you’ll understand how these two types of content can work together to maximize your content marketing strategy, helping you generate more leads and win more customers for your contracting business.

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is content that retains its relevance and value well beyond its initial publication date.

Evergreen content can be published anytime and is the backbone of your content marketing strategy.

For contractors, evergreen content can include comprehensive guides on home remodeling, in-depth blog posts about installing a pond, or lists of essential tools every electrician should have.

This type of content is timeless, but it still requires occasional maintenance!

It’s essential to periodically review your evergreen content to ensure links are working and images are up-to-date.

Types of Evergreen Content

Guides and “How Tos”

Guides and “How To” articles are often considered to be evergreen articles as they provide helpful information that remains relevant for an extended period.

For example, a detailed guide on “How to Choose the Right Paint for Your Home” or “How To Install a Pond in Your Backyard” can serve as valuable evergreen content.

Case Studies

Case studies showcasing your successful projects can be a powerful form of evergreen content.

They provide real-world examples of your work and its impact, such as a home remodel that increased a property’s value or a pond installation that transformed a backyard into a tranquil retreat.

Lists and Checklists

Lists and checklists, such as “Top 10 Home Remodeling Tips” or “Essential Checklist for Hiring an Electrician,” are popular evergreen content formats.

They provide easily digestible and practical information for your audience.

General Information About Your Product or Service

Detailed articles about your services or common questions about your field can make excellent evergreen content.

For example, an article explaining the different types of paint finishes or the process of installing a pond can remain relevant for years.

What is Timely Content?

Timely content encompasses current events, seasonal promotions, and industry trends. 

In the contracting industry, timely content might cover seasonal painting trends, the latest design trends for home remodeling services, or articles about electrical safety during the holiday season.

Types of Timely Content

Promotions or Limited Offers

Posting about your limited-time offers or promotions can generate immediate interest and encourage potential customers to take action.

These might include seasonal irrigation maintenance discounts or a special kitchen remodeling promotion.

Trending Topics Relevant to Your Service/Product

Staying on top of trending topics in your industry and creating content around them can show your audience that you’re up-to-date and informed.

For instance, you could write about the latest home remodeling trends or new tax incentives affecting the solar panel industry.

Content Tied to a Particular Holiday or Season

Season-specific content can resonate with your audience members, especially when it directly relates to their needs.

For example, tips for winterizing your irrigation system or a guide to opening up your koi pond in spring could be very engaging for your audience during specific times of the year.

Content Reacting to Events In Real-Time

Content that reacts to real-time events, such as a surge in home renovations during a particular season or recent innovations in energy-efficient electrical installations, is considered timely content.

This type of content shows that your business is aware and responsive to current events in the contracting industry.

Evergreen Content and Timely Content: What Are the Benefits of Each?

Benefits of Evergreen Content

Evergreen content often takes longer to create due to its high quality and long-lasting nature. Evergreen content serves as a resource for those newly familiarizing themselves with your field of expertise.

Evergreen content helps you establish your business as a thought leader in your industry and leads to increased search engine rankings and long-term traffic.

Over time, evergreen content can generate a snowball effect, with its ranking and popularity increasing long after publication.

Benefits of Timely Content

Timely content, on the other hand, helps you engage with your audience at a specific moment.

Whether it’s a blog post about a current home remodeling trend or a social media post about a limited-time promotion on pond installations, timely content can drive immediate traffic and create a sense of urgency among your audience.

Using tools like Google Trends lets you see when specific topics are most popular, aiding you in creating relevant and timely content.

Evergreen Content and Timely Content: How Often Should You Post?

Evergreen Content

While evergreen content forms the bedrock of your content marketing strategy, it should not be the only type of content you create.

Posting only evergreen content could give your audience the impression that your business is not in touch with current events or trends in your industry.

Timely Content

Likewise, if your content strategy is solely focused on timely content, you might miss out on the long-term benefits of evergreen content.

While timely content can quickly boost traffic, evergreen content will continue to attract visitors and provide value over the long run.

What is the Best Approach?

A combination of evergreen and timely content is the key to a successful content marketing strategy.

While the exact ratio will depend on your specific business and audience, a common approach is to aim for 80% evergreen content and 20% timely content.

Remember, it’s important to continuously evaluate your content strategy and adjust based on what resonates most with your audience.

Ready To Start Producing Content For Your Contracting Business?

Balancing evergreen and timely content is an art that requires understanding your audience, keeping a pulse on industry trends, and maintaining a commitment to providing value.

The benefits of getting it right are immense – from improved search rankings to increased brand awareness and, ultimately, more leads for your business.

But, we understand that as a busy contractor, you may not have the time or resources to dive into content marketing fully.

That’s where Contractor Growth Network comes in. We specialize in helping contractors like you handle their business’s content marketing.

Our digital marketing experts can help you craft a content marketing strategy that perfectly balances evergreen and timely content tailored to your business needs.

Take advantage of the opportunity to grow your business with effective content marketing.

Make an appointment on our calendar today, or give us a call!

Let’s work together to build a content strategy that helps your contracting business thrive.

Table of Contents

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