Defining Your Content Marketing Goals

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Importance of Content Marketing for Contractors

In the modern, internet-driven local service market, consumers often find and engage with contracting companies online before making purchasing decisions. 

Whether you run a business in the construction industry or manage a team of house painters, the importance of a content marketing strategy cannot be overstated. 

Sporadically updating your website with random content does little to help you stand apart from your competitors. 

By defining your content marketing goals, you can create engaging, authoritative content that generates more leads, boosts your brand awareness, and more. 

The Value of Defining Your Content Marketing Goals

Establishing clear and comprehensive content marketing goals helps you or your content team engage with customers in more ways.

Traditional marketing focuses on tactics like discounts and deals to attract new leads, but content marketing goes further.

By defining your content marketing goals, you can leverage more opportunities to grow your brand’s reputation and authority, boosting customer loyalty and driving more sales. 

Don’t Neglect These Essential Content Marketing Goals

Whether you own a remodeling company or another type of contracting business, you probably focus your content efforts on increasing leads and sales, but a successful content marketing strategy takes a more holistic approach. 

Consider the following content marketing goals and how they can focus your content strategy:

Raise Brand Awareness

How does your content stand out from competitors to let more users know you exist?

Creating engaging content puts your brand’s name in front of more potential customers. 

Website pages, social media posts, and other content (designed with brand awareness in mind) garner consumer attention by making an enduring impact. 

Content highlights what differentiates your contracting business from other companies in your area through memorable images, videos, and text.

Content focused on improved brand awareness helps you develop a consistent and memorable company identity. 

When consumers recognize your brand as a local industry authority, you enjoy more leads from various channels. 

Encourage Customer Loyalty 

How does your content strategy develop trust in your brand?

Content marketing for contractors must also incorporate customer loyalty objectives to nurture current clients and foster a sense of pride in using your services. 

To build a loyal customer base, you must prove your value, encourage trust in your brand, and showcase your connections to your local area.

This content improves your business’s relationships with your community and individual clients. 

Common content types that can boost customer loyalty include:

  • Fun or valuable videos that highlight the personalities of your team members.
  • Customer testimonials, reviews, and case studies that emphasize your business’s value.
  • Articles or social media posts explaining your community support and outreach efforts.
  • Exclusive discounts, deals, contests, and giveaways for current customers.

To meet this marketing goal, consider how you can illustrate your business’s value to your current customer base.

Establish Lead Generation Through Organic Traffic

Does your website appear in the top results when consumers search for contracting businesses like yours?

Long-term content marketing strategies for contracting companies should incorporate long-term search engine optimization (SEO) to gain top positions in organic search results. 

If your name doesn’t pop up on the first search engine result page (SERP) on Google or another search engine, more of the market share goes to your competitors. 

Engaging, SEO-optimized content is essential for long-term lead generation. 

One highly effective strategy involves targeting specific long-tail keywords and phrases related to the contracting services you provide. 

For example, you may create a blog post that answers a frequently searched question or a service page that identifies and solves a common problem. 

You must also remember to update well-performing content regularly to maintain optimal SERP positions. 

High-ranking blog posts and other website pages generally need updated content at 6- to 12-month intervals.

Engage With Users for Valuable Insight

Does your content encourage users to share opinions and provide brand feedback?

While customer reviews provide an excellent resource for determining how users feel about your brand, you can leverage content to gather more valuable data. 

The internet users who engage with your business through your website and social media pages offer a well of information regarding the success of your contracting company. 

For example, you may use email polls and surveys to directly ask your customers what your business does well and how you can improve. 

By focusing on this content marketing objective, you can gain priceless insight from your customers while illustrating your commitment to building strong customer relationships. 

By directly requesting feedback, you show your clients that you care how they feel and want to provide the best possible customer experience. 

Boost Trust and Retention by Educating Customers

Does your current strategy include helpful educational content?

Content marketing for contractors should encourage client retention and raise brand authority using educational content. 

When you create content like “how to” videos or articles explaining current industry trends, your customers see you as an industry expert and better understand the value of your services. 

One of the benefits of content marketing is the sheer variety of content types you have to choose from. 

You may think about blog posts and landing pages when considering content types, but many companies leverage alternatives, such as quizzes, videos, memes, gifs, and live streams. 

Some businesses even host radio shows, YouTube channels, or podcasts centered on customer education. 

Define Your Marketing Goals and Drive Growth with Contractor Growth Network

Whether you run a construction company, a pond building business, or a team of remodeling contractors, you can maximize your content strategies by defining your content marketing goals. 

The objectives above are just some that can inform how you create content. Consider how you can reach potential and current customers at every stage of the buying journey to make the most of your content marketing strategy. 

If you need professional content marketing for contractors, we can help. At Contractor Growth Network, we offer SEO and other digital marketing services exclusively to contracting businesses. 

If you leave your content to us, we’ll develop a comprehensive content marketing strategy that incorporates all the objectives essential to your long-term growth. Learn more about our services today by filling out our contact form or calling 980-449-4384.

Table of Contents

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