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CGN is a marketing company that works exclusively with contractors. We have helped dozens of contractors grow their businesses to over a million in annual revenue. We can help you do the same.

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Our goal is to help contractors take control of their businesses and lives with effective marketing

Logan ShinholserCEO, Contractor Growth Network
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Why we only work with contractors

We only work with contractors because we understand how busy contractors’ lives can be. Our mission is to help contractors find financial stability and get back to their families.

Every step of our process works to grow your business. We fill your pipeline with the right clients, raise your prices, and help you spend more time at home.

I want to help contractors find the kind of success that would let them spend time with their families.

Logan ShinholserCEO, Contractor Growth Network

Meet Our Team

Logan Shinholser


Chris Livingston

Sales Director

Laura Pholsina

Project Manager

Aaron Horner


Melissa Glass

Operations Manager

Turner Arrington

Content Writer

Aly Romano

Client Success Coach

Mike Kyle

External Marketing

Alden Lee

Lead Website Designer

Ian Miclean

Lead SEO Strategist

Justice Hancock

Bookkeeper/Admin Assistant

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