"Our goal is to help contractors take control of their businesses and lives with effective marketing"

-Logan Shinholser

CEO, Contractor Growth Network

Logan Shinholser
Logan Shinholser
Logan Shinholser

Want to reliably grow your contracting business?

Then you've come to the right place.

CGN is a marketing company that works exclusively with contractors. We have helped dozens of contractors grow their businesses to over a million in annual revenue. We can help you do the same.

Contractor Work

Why we only work with contractors

Growing up the son of a contractor, I watched my father work through the struggles of running a construction business. I saw his triumphs and failures and learned how difficult running a construction company could be. Watching my father build his business taught me what makes a construction company successful and what doesn't. My experiences made me passionate about helping contractors build healthy, thriving businesses. Out of that passion, Contractor Growth Network was born.

My unique perspective and background in marketing allow me to bridge the gap between best marketing practices and what the average contracting company owner goes through daily. That's why we focus on helping hardworking contractors instead of spreading ourselves thin by trying to assist several industries.

"I want to help contractors find the kind of success that would let them spend time with their families."

-Logan Shinholser

CEO, Contractor Growth Network

Meet Our Team

Logan Shinholser


Chris Livingston

Director Of Sales

Ian Miclean

Director Of Marketing

Aly Romano

Director Of Website Development

Aaron Horner

Director Of Video Marketing

Rod Burnett

SEO Account Manager

Stuart Hendry

SEO Account Manager

Mike Kyle

Content Manager

Alden Lee

Lead Website Designer/Developer

Daniel Phan

Website Designer

Kathy Quinn


Sean Holleran


Turner Arrington


Nate Arnold

Nate Arnold


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