A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Marketing for Contractors

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Elements of Contractor Marketing

From the outside, most consumers see online marketing for contractors as a singular activity. However, general contractor marketing consists of various specialized microservices, each of which targets specific types of consumers. Let’s examine some of the pillars of digital marketing for contractors.

1. Pay-Per-Click for Contractors

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising remains one of the most popular and effective ways to generate leads, convert sales, and augment your brand recognition. With a PPC campaign for contractors, your construction company can automatically enjoy a top spot on Google’s search engine results page for a given keyword. 


Your bid on a popular, contractor-related keyword will determine where your company ranks on the results page. The price per click, your budget, the number of clicks, and preset parameters determine how long your PPC campaign will run.

2. Content Marketing for Contractors

The creation of captivating content remains crucial for general contractors and subcontractors. In a market where everyone offers similar services, companies must set themselves apart as authorities in their respective fields. 

The ability to communicate compelling information and deep industry insight to the general public will make prospective clients more likely to trust you over the competition.

Blog Posts and Guest Articles Blog Icon

Drafting informative copy for your blog and penning guest articles for your affiliates is a great way to expand your reach and demonstrate your expertise. Plus, you can optimize your written content for search engines and drive traffic toward your most popular products and services.

PodcastsPodcast Icon

Amplify your company voice with an entertaining, educational podcast. If you have one or two team members who possess the knowledge and speaking ability to make construction fun, put together a biweekly podcast that covers new products, techniques, and other industry developments.

3. SEO for Contractors

SEO Image

Search engine optimization (SEO) creates long-lasting, organic growth, both for your brand awareness and your bottom line. Unlike a PPC campaign, successful SEO puts your company higher on Google’s organic search engine results pages rather than in the ads section. 

SEO involves several crucial steps, including: 

  • Keyword Research — Identify trending Google keywords for contractors
  • Technical SEO — Upgrade your website for speed, usability, and security
  • Link Building — Improve your domain authority and crawlability with internal and external links
  • Keyword Implementation — Seamlessly integrate keywords into high-quality content
  • Optimizing Website Metadata — Make it easy for Google to index your website

4. Social Media Management for ContractorsSocial Media Icons

Generate your own momentum by promoting your fresh content on the most popular social media platforms. Almost all successful businesses maintain some kind of presence on the biggest social media apps. Social media provides companies with opportunities to interact with their customers and drive traffic from social media platforms to their websites. 

Contractors can also run a PPC campaign on social media apps to target potential customers who have demonstrated interest in similar services. Owners and managers who find themselves stretched too thin for social media can outsource the responsibilities to a professional social media manager—who will craft an appealing online presence that strengthens the brand.

5. Video Advertising for ContractorsMedia Icon

Produce stunning visuals to convey your message, promote your brand, and convert more leads into sales. Video production is easier and more affordable than ever. Digital marketing agencies for contractors can help you write a script, create a storyboard, and produce a high-quality, impactful video. 

Once you finish your video production project, you can place your new commercial on the most popular platforms. Embed your video in social media posts to communicate with your existing clients. To reach potential clients who have expressed an interest in hiring a contractor, launch a pay-per-view video advertising campaign on YouTube, Facebook, and other apps.

6. Reputation Management for ContractorsReputation icons

Even the best contractors receive negative reviews. Retain the services of a professional digital marketing company for contractors to de-rank negative press, reviews, and comments so your company will enjoy the opportunity to make its own first impression. 

Respond to complaints within minutes, not hours. Resolve disputes in such a way that clients amend their poor reviews. When you put your company reputation in the hands of an elite digital marketing agency, you magnify your bright spots and diminish any lowlights.

7. Email Marketing for ContractorsEmail Icon

Dial up an email blast from the past to reach the entire world in an efficient, affordable manner. The original medium for digital marketing still holds considerable sway in most industries. However, what used to serve as the backbone of a digital marketing campaign decades ago now plays more of a support role. 

Remind your clients of upcoming meetings, consultations, and events. Supplement your video advertising with complementary email copy. A well-planned email ad campaign can give your company the quick boost it needs to meet quarterly goals.

8. Direct Mail Marketing for ContractorsDirect Mail icon

What does direct mail have to do with digital marketing? A lot more than you might think. Modern computers have integrated the digital and analog worlds to such an extent that consumers often fail to realize they’ve crossed over from one to the other. While an advertising postcard may be a physical object, you can still load it with digital information, like:

  • QR codes
  • Website URLs
  • Links to viewed products
  • SMS codes

Marketing Tips for Contractors

Boost your digital marketing game to grow your contracting company even more. You can gain more clients by building an online presence. Investing your time, energy, and money to create online content can benefit your business in multiple ways. Devising well-planned digital marketing strategies will allow you to reach people all over the world. 

Maintaining an online presence can elevate your company to a whole new level. At Contractor Growth Network, our business is to provide exceptional digital marketing services for contractors. Follow our tips to contractor digital marketing below.

1. Start a Creative BlogBlog Icons

The first step to expanding your reach online involves starting a blog for your business. Most consumers who search for a trusty contractor do not possess any experience or knowledge in the field, so maintaining an instructive blog can help you gain the trust of more clients. 

In your blog, you can inform people about your business, share how-to videos, or even sell your products and services. 

Starting a blog has become easier as technology has advanced. Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can create and maintain a blog. 

Stay one step ahead of your competitors by engaging potential clients with your blog posts. Design your blog page to express your unique style, add content that relates to your line of work, and attract more customers.

2. Post Original, Enticing Content for Target Audiences

Enticing Screenshot for Target Audiences

Once you set up a platform to share your content, you need to keep it active and up to date. Posting educational, exciting content on your blog can go a long way toward putting your company out there so people can find you. Bring more visitors to your blog by drafting and sharing relatable, applicable, and informative content. 

Posting the right content on your online platforms plays a vital role in getting people to talk about your company. Publishing solid content for your business website also boosts your SEO, making your website appear more often in search results. 

The value of content marketing increases every year. Make sure you reap the early benefits of posting evergreen content on your blog or social media feed.

3. Grow Your Social Media PresenceGrow Your Social Media Presence

Improve the quality of your services by interacting with your clients through social media outlets. Developing a social media presence allows you to answer any questions your potential clients might have, demonstrate your skill sets, and discover what consumers want from their contractors. 

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow you to stay on top of your marketing game with affordable ads that drive traffic to your website. Your company can affiliate with prominent social media influencers to promote your services, products, and brand. 

Sharing insightful posts on social media will get followers to like and share your content, which will help you expand your reach even more. You can also update your followers on social media so they don’t miss out on any news regarding your contracting business.

4. Publish Before-and-After Photos

Screenshot of Publishing Before and After Pictures

One of the best ways to advertise your contracting services involves publishing before-and-after photos. People searching for professional contractors often rely on companies that maintain their online presence. Posting pictures of your projects on your online platforms gives visitors an inside look at services so they know what to expect when they hire you. 

Before-and-after photos remain one of the most successful marketing strategies when attracting new customers to a contracting company. The impact is significant when you take pictures before starting a project and compare them with the results.

5. Share Your Clients’ Feedback

Client Feedback Post Example

Publishing customer testimonials and reviews on your blog or social media feed allows new visitors to get familiar with the quality of your services. If you want to put up customer feedback on your online platforms, you would need to gather reviews and ratings after completing your services. Then, you need to ask for permission to publish their feedback online. 

Integrating reviews on the homepage of your website strengthens the credibility of your contracting business. Most potential clients rely on reviews and testimonials of previous customers to choose their contracting companies. You can even post direct quotes from current clients to further prove the quality of your services and enhance your reliability.

6. Let Everyone Know How to Reach You

Screenshot of Contact Info

When you start a blog or open accounts on social media platforms for your contracting company, you need to let people know how to reach you. Adding your contact information and address to your online outlets allows visitors to get in touch with you so that you can answer questions or book appointments. 

Designing a creative and welcoming homepage on your website sets the first impression for new visitors. Your contact information on your homepage should be easy to locate. 

Several types of website building software offer an array of free design templates for you to use. Fashion your contracting company website to your specific taste and draw in more clients.

7. Start a Weekly or Monthly NewsletterNewsletter Icon

Newsletters have become a crucial part of digital marketing for contractors in recent years. Businesses can benefit from starting weekly or monthly newsletters because it strengthens authority and credibility. You can initiate your newsletter delivery system by choosing reliable software that systematically sends emails to your clients. 

Sending out regular newsletters to clients proves profitable for a contracting company in several ways, such as: 

  • Improving your relationship with clients
  • Keeping clients informed about new offers or services
  • Increasing traffic to your landing pages
  • Helping you gain more followers on your social media platforms.

8. Create Instructional VideosVideo Content Icons

Filming instructional and educational videos for your business and posting them on Youtube can help you reach more people. As one of the most visited websites on the internet, Youtube provides an accessible platform for businesses to promote their services. Creating how-to videos for people on the internet demonstrates your expertise for potential clients. 

Showcase your skills, experience, and knowledge to new clients by posting educational videos. A well-made, short video demonstrating your services can boost your customer engagement. Creating attractive titles and thumbnails to get people to watch your videos increases your view count.

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Outcompete other contractors by reaching potential clients first and making a more impactful impression. At Contractor Growth Network, we specialize in promoting general contractors and subcontractors to receptive, targeted audiences, augmenting your brand recognition, generating high-quality leads, and resulting in increased revenue. 

Expand your market share by engaging new clients online. Call us at the Contractor Growth Network at (980) 449-4384 or fill out our contact form to see what our digital marketing for contractors can do for your business.

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